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Palette of the Month:  Modern Primary

Fresh and energetic primary hues come together with soothing taupes and tans for a colorful take on our palette of the month.  Layered and infused with a shot of blood orange, our of the moment color, this savvy palette works together to add a layer of modern wow to your home.  Whether used as an accent or an entire room, these shades make a refreshing and fun statement when paired together.  See what inspired us with wonderfully designed spaces above. Ready to paint? Love the colors you see? Find them here:

Behr Spiced Butternut | Home Decorator’s Collection Calypso Blue | Behr Caramel Swirl | Glidden White on White | Glidden Onyx Black | Glidden Dapper Tan | Behr Red Hot | Home Decorator’s Collection Sky Watch

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